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Dear Jefferson County Schools Community,

  We appreciate your patience and calm in the face of recent threats made on social media. We recognize that tensions are high in light of national events and that threatening the safety of our children creates anxiety for us all. That is why we immediately begin working with law enforcement whenever we learn of a threat, regardless of the source. Fortunately, law enforcement deemed the latest viral threat shared via Tik Tok this week not credible, but the disruption continues due to ongoing misinformation being shared across the internet.

  We are confident in our partners in law enforcement and their ability to quickly investigate and resolve these matters. We communicate with them to make sure they have what they need to determine where a threat might have originated, if it is targeted or broad, and any other information they need to determine a course of action. We work to provide them with the time, space, and logistical support they need.

  We all share a desire to protect our children. Please know that is our top priority as a school system and we want to continue working with you as we adjust to this seemingly endless cycle that takes away from our instructional focus and sense of well-being. We will continue our open and transparent communication, updating our websites, the JCSWV app, and social media regularly and utilizing our text messaging services to alert you regarding emergencies. You can help by talking to your children regularly about the importance of using social media responsibly and by sharing any concerns directly with JCS or law enforcement rather than circulating unverified information through the community. 

You place an immense amount of trust in us every time your child gets on a school bus and enters one of our buildings. We recognize the significance of that trust and will continue working to earn it in all areas. Thank you for helping our staff model calm for our children and ensuring that our schools remain safe environments where students can learn and grow.